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Yoga for Blokes

Welcome to Yoga for Blokes. Established during 2016 in the Somerset townlet of Yatton, Yoga for BlokesĀ® is a small, friendly group of people who meet to practice hatha yoga. We began in pub function rooms at the Prince of Orange and have been billeted in the village hall and local school. Participants can join via Zoom in from their own homes or in person at Hangstones Pavilion to experience a weekly hour and a half of bending and stretching, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

men doing yoga at yoga for blokes
Group work for Virabhadrasana III

With a fifteen minute assembly period, sessions have bonhomie and good cheer. Blokes from Izmir (in Turkiye), London, Suffolk and Scotland congregate to share in physical maintenance. We have lorry drivers, accountants, IT people, plumbers, engineers, authors and pilots in our group – plus an ex-Ipswich Town youth league footballer! Age is of no consequence. The youngest member is 19 yrs and our eldest 88! We need to challenge ourselves as we progress; there is nothing better than this activity to achieve as much. Yoga is a process of personal growth; there is no quick fix, so don’t expect instant results. You have to maintain constant effort; fellow yoginis really help, along with pair and group work.

Viparita Virabhadrasana YogaforBlokes Alan Dedman pic
Viparita Virabhadrasana

Yoga for BlokesĀ® is designed by men, for men. The nature of our class is to integrate yoga with Western customs and behaviours. Beer and flatulence are allowed, as is stiffness, old age and patchy attendance due to working away. You don’t have to wear lycra and you don’t have to be able to do Vrschikasana. Forget all the slick internet noise about yoga. You can be average or even not very good ! so long as you make the effort. Welcome to Yoga for Blokes.