Yoga for Blokes® was formed in 2016 by ‘Swami’ Alan’ to counter the dearth of yoga classes in Yatton.Yoga is for everyone – nobody owns it, online imagery (about yoga) rarely includes men.Yoga for Blokes is specifically designed for males in the UK, though we are indebted to generations of Indian teachers and the corpus of spiritual knowledge they share with the rest of the World.

Yoga For Blokes at Yatton School colour pic
At Yatton Infants School

Yoga for Blokes exists because of the tenacious and dedicated people who create the group. There have been copycat classes in London (apparently) – how feeble! If you can spot yourself here and you’re a lapsed yogini – have the temerity to try again!

  • Men doing Viparita Karani in the Jack Crease Room pic

The editorial staff at Viz consented for us to use Roger Mellie (the man on the telly) for our publicity. Roger is the perfect model. Yoga for Blokes® isn’t purist. One is allowed a little tamasic fall from grace occasionally (into a vat of beer) and yes, tabs do get smoked. We occasionally consult Roger’s Profanisaurus (when the Baghavad Gita is unavailable) and lawks! chaps are allowed to break wind!

Roger Mellie for Yoga for Blokes
Roger says ‘OM!’

We began in pub function rooms, village halls and schools – due to Coronavirus we are able to meet via Zoom, classes are ‘blended’ between the physical and virtual. Find out more on the Classes page.

Yoga for Blokes class in Clevedon North Somerset
Clevedon YFB at Prince’s Hall