David’s birthday & Solstice

David’s birthday & solstice caused us to meet at Yatton Imperial Tandoori Spice on the 20th of June to celebrate Dave’s 90th birthday. One of the founding fathers of Yoga for Blokes he is the most senior member of the group, demonstrating great positivity and fortitude in his pursuit of the highest possible self (the personal change which yoga can effect in a sadhaka). He is a keen Indologist and can recount ‘spooky’ experiences whilst travelling in India, spurring him on to work at yoga.

Yatton Imperial Tandoori Spice and Dave's birthday & solstice
Yatton Imperial Tandoori Spice

Yatton Tandoori Imperial Spice has been refurbished. It is perhaps Yatton’s main venue (other than the Railway Inn)! Everyone enjoyed the informality of dining together, seated at a round table, we socialised well – though space was a bit tight.

Yatton Imperial Tandoori Spice Dave's birthday & solstice
More Yatton Imperial Tandoori Spice

The menu has switched towards vegetarianism. Hindu fayre is entirely vegetarian as is a Buddhist diet. The owners and staff at Yatton Imperial Tandoori Spice are from Bangladesh, which is a Moslem state within the Indian sub-continent. Islamic mores don’t specify a meat free diet, but they discourage the consumption of alcohol, as do Buddhists and Hindus !!!!

Pic for Dave's birthday & solstice Alan Dedman
Solstice at Hangstones

Summer solstice took place at 10.50pm that night. ‘Swami’ Alan went to Hangstones playing field at 4.30am on the 21st of June (Midsummer’s day) and performed Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) to the rising Sun in the East. A pre-Covid tradition was for us to join with the Druid ceremony at Stanton Drew in Somerset.

Solstice at Stanton Drew

Surya Namaskar is purportedly a vinyasa designed to channel the sexual energies of male youths in India. Apart from that, it’s a great way to get the spine moving as well as the parts that other beers don’t reach. There are many variants on the theme. Whilst it powers you up and Summer aids early rising, you feel it the following day! A slow Surya Namaskar to the rising sun, outside in the garden, at around 7am is commendable. So long as it isn’t raining.

Once again, for David’s birthday & solstice we wish him the very best and look forward to seeing David at Hangstones Pavilion when he’s ready.

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