Diwali at Hangstones

Diwali at Hangstones took place with a shorter Yoga for Blokes session allowing for curry festivities later. We finished with some Kirtan (group chanting), a regular feature of our classes. Repeatedly chanting the sacred syllable ‘Om’ we unify ourselves with sound. Om signifies the beginning of the universe.

Yoga for Blokes Diwali curry at Hangstones

Getting ‘a tune’ out of a disparate bunch of blokes with a common interest in yoga takes some doing. To increase potency, we join hands. This forms a circuit, socially and somatically. It’s a good experience helping men bond together. In other parts of the World it’s not uncommon for men to join hands: in Turkey or Nepal for instance; it means nothing more than mutual acceptance and friendship.

Viparita Virabhadrasana II

Diwali is the Hindu festival of light, symbolising the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. In 2023 Diwali commences on the 11th/12th of November. To mark the occasion we arranged for a take-away curry to be delivered to celebrate Diwali at Hangstones Pavilion in Yatton. New Red Rose restaurant in Clevedon provided an assortment of meals; everyone enjoyed gathering round the table to dine.

It was less frantic, cramped and noisy than Yatton Tandoori – but we didn’t have beer on tap! and cleared up after ourselves. It was good to discuss diet, Ayurvedic diet, weight control, electric cars and local transport issues – amongst other things. The group co-operated well to make Diwali at Hangstones a successful evening for all. Thanks to everyone for attending and glad you enjoyed yourselves.

Merry Yoga for Blokes dining at Hangstones

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