Festive Fish & chips

Yoga also involves Festive Fish & chips! Though Rajasic and Tamasic (in terms of Ayurvedic theory), this great British tradition is adaptable to the requirements of many things, including pre-Christmas get togethers.

colour photo of yoga for blokes in yatton festive fish & chips
Festive fish and chips at Hangstones

This year, to reduce Corovid risk and make an occasion where we could gather round the same table, we got fish and chips from Yatton chip shop and made an occasion of it, for our annual knees-up at Hangstones Pavilion.

Turkey was not on the menu, nor was Christmas pudding but as an alternative to crowded venues elsewhere, our arrangements worked well. Yoga for Blokes in Yatton was thoroughly organised. Though there was plenty to drink – no one took this Tamasic element to excess (well, not at that stage). We didn’t chant ‘Hark the herald angels sing’ but did a shortened version of our normal 1.5 hr class, working through 2 Surya Namaskar vinyasas in the process.

Gavin, in the Scots borders presented his own plate of Festive Fish & chips on Zoom. Stephen in the wilds of Suffolk, joined the meditation wearing a warm looking blanket (quite necessary in East Anglia). Blended sessions mean we can accept men from other places and countries. Our small, but dedicated group of male yogins turned a simple meal into something special. Not exactly purist, but adapted to the customs and limitations of Western life.

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