Five years of YFB

On July the 28th 2021, Yoga for Blokes® had it’s fifth anniversary. Five years of YFB! Yoga for men (in the West) differs to mixed or predominantly female classes. Hard to maintain against the tides of political correctness and fashion which beset men and masculinity now.

Five years of YFB at Yatton Tandoori yoga for blokes colour pic
Rajasic, Tamasic AND Sattvic – all three Gunas on the table

Yoga for Blokes (like everything) has been affected by Covid restrictions. Classes took place via Zoom during the curfew, but now we are back with blended sessions in a local school and on the web. This has changed the texture of what we do to some extent – there’s always the feeling that Big Sister is watching you and technology, wonderful though it is, adds stress. However, we have been able to offer classes for attendees in Turkey and the Scottish Highlands, as well as Somerset.

Five years of YFB celebration at Yatton Tandoori
Yoga for Blokes at Yatton Tandoori

The very first sessions took place in the Prince of Orange pub, two octogenarians turned up. They showed tenacity and a willingness to learn – which is what it takes. Today we still have 87 year old David with us (the other one is still around), a keen Indologist and contributing member of the group. The youngest attendee is just 18 years of age.

David keen Indologist at Yoga for Blokes
David – keen Indologist

Regular social evenings at local hostelries took place until Covid restrictions affected things. We were glad to make a re-appearance at Yatton Tandoori. Though the menu isn’t entirely Hindu in style (the venue is owned and run by people from Bangladesh), the food was fresh and spicy. At Yoga for Blokes® , we try to be aware of theories affecting yoga practice. Essentially we should refrain from eating meat and drinking alcoholic beverages! Meat is ‘Rajasic’ and beer is ‘Tamasic’ – a yogi should choose ‘Sattvic’ fayre (chick-peas and lemonade), still causes flatulence!

Spatchcock chicken asana at Yoga for blokes Five years of YFB
Spatchcock chickens?

Recently we have been looking at Supta Virasana – and some bright spark likened the demeanour of ‘Bendy Dave’ to a spatchcock chicken! This is still Rajasic and not to be confused with Sagwala Murgh or Motor Paneer. Demanding of the knee joints, this asana can loosen the legs, getting rid of tension there after much standing or walking. Like all hatha yoga poses, it should be approached with care. Five years of YFB, it takes dedicated practitioners during these trying times. Thank you all for your patience and faith.

Supta virasana at Yatton Tandoori Five years of YFB
Supta virasana

2 thoughts on “Five years of YFB

  1. Jeremy Portch says:

    Would love to join you guys do you have spaces available?
    Great website!

    1. says:

      Dear Jeremy, yes we do have a bit of space available at the moment, the hall is fairly large. We have to watch numbers cos of Covid precautions. If you’d kindly fill out and submit the form on the classes page of our blog, with your details – phone number, email etc and any relevant medical facts, that will be a start. You don’t have to sign up immediately – you can come along for a taster session they are for 1.5 hrs. £7.50 per session, then £30 per 4 weeks if you know you are going to be a regular. There is no class on the 7th of September, we will resume on the 14th. There is a class tonight, at 7pm. The driveway is opposite the chip shop on Yatton High Street. Your details will not be made public in any way or shared, they are solely for the purpose of administrating Yoga for Blokes. ‘Swami’ Alan


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