Yoga for Blokes in Perth

Yoga for Blokes in Perth took place recently, even if it was dear Adrian on his own. Adrian has been a stalwart member of our group since the early days. He is an avid squash player and was persuaded to try yoga by one of his compadres at the club.

Colour pic of Adrian doing modified Uttitha parsvakonasana Yoga for blokes in Perth
Modified Uttitha parsvakonasana

Since taking up yoga, Adrian says he has been better able to play squash and particularly likes our warm-up sequence. He recommends the knee warm-up! which is shamelessly cribbed from Taekwon do. By doing this simple exercise before putting stress and strain on the knee joints, the likelihood of injury is reduced.

Colour pic of Adrian doing Virabhadrasana 2
Good alignment in Virabhadrasana II

The knees have complex ‘hinge’ joints and it is necessary to shift and stretch the ligaments within them to create optimum performance. The cruciate ligaments form a cross under the patella (knee-cap) and by performing the rather odd sequence of moves we do, these in particular are exercised. Another ligament we focus on is the co-lateral ligament on the inside of the knee. Once awakened, it can be used with less fear of injury; it makes sense to do this especially when performing Prasarita padottanasana or Upavistha konasana.

We have two group members who’ve had surgery on their knees. One of whom has had the courage to rejoin and continue doing yoga. Which is the right thing to do. Yoga allows people to combat the inevitable and frustrating effects of ageing. Without making ourselves move, we literally seize up. Especially in chilly, damp places like the UK. We are still waiting to see if Fartin’ Martin might show up again!

Modified Upavistha konasana

By warming-up, the whole body is able to exercise better. Another element in the knee joint (and all joints) affected by this is synovial fluid. This requires movement to get it flowing. Any sport or activity imposing pressure and impact on joints should include a warm-up. Mind you, Yoga for Blokes in Perth took place in 40 degrees C of heat! – almost Bikram levels of warmth.

In Australia the term ‘bloke’ is probably more at home than it is in the UK, that’s if we are still allowed to call ourselves by such a ‘genderised’ pronoun! It is cheering to see Adrian wearing his YFB T-shirt down under. Keep it up Adrian and be prepared for NOT 40 degrees C when you’re back in Blighty.

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