Blended Yoga classes via Zoom are on Thursday evenings, the physical version takes place in Yatton at Hangstones Pavilion. They start at 7 pm and are for one and a half hours. There is a 15 minute assembly time prior to each session starting at 6.45 pm, if you wish to chat. This is helpful for Zoomees. You will need a yoga mat and belt. Please read the hints and cautions provided below before commencing.

yoga for blokes men doing viparita karani at Yatton Village Hall
Viparita Karani in the Jack Crease room

Hints and cautions

Always check with your GP before taking up yoga classes via Zoom or physically, if you have any health issues. Avoid doing yoga after being in hot sun. Wear loose clothing. Take a bath beforehand to loosen up. Don’t do yoga if under the influence of alcohol or any sort of drugs. Refrain from the activity if tired or stressed and keep food intake minimal before practising. Eat afterwards.


For everyone: listen to your body and work to your own capacity – if it hurts, ease back.

Please bear in mind your body is your own responsibility and attending online Yoga for Blokes® is at your own risk. Classes are designed for beginners/intermediate learners.

If you want to join us online, via Zoom – first download the free Zoom app. Then pay £8 or £33 subs via the QR code below – provide your email address and any further details about yourself on the contact form this will not be publicly visible; you will receive an email with the Zoom key to join us. We will not use any information or data you supply other than for the purposes of running Yoga for Blokes® classes.

If you want to join regularly we ask for £33 subs up front on the first of each month. If you are unable to attend for a prolonged period, your credit will be passed on – sporadic absences will be your own responsibility.